Just a few of my favorite things!

Where am I from?

– Bronx, NY and moved to Citrus County, FL at age 13. This city girl met the country life, would you like a little spice with your sweet tea?!

Favorite Colors

– Blue because I love the Ocean

– Purple because it’s Royalty, duh!

Favorite Movie

– “Finding Nemo” stop judging, just keep scrolling!

Favorite foods

– My Nana’s cooking, Pizza Pizza oh and street dogs (You know the hot dog man who sells hot dogs on the corner.. Lol)

Girl Crush

– Katy Perry!! She’s Gorgeous and just the sweetest!

Favorite Group

– Maroon 5 because I’m so in love with Adam Levine

Favorite City

– NYC of course! It never sleeps and has all kinds of GREAT food

What must I have before leaving the house?

– My leg (it’s fake) a girl has to walk, my cell phone for talking, my car keys for driving and my laptop for extra stalking!

Favorite brand name

– Michael Kors, but I refuse to buy his overpriced stuff so I just window shop!

Dream vacation

– Where I’m left on an island with food and drinks or a FREE one!

I can’t wait to get to meet you all when we’re out and about! It’s going to be fun times!


Fashion Friday

Tweet Share 0 LinkedIn 0 New Year, new you maybe?! Fashion is always changing and I am always wanting to be in the know of the latest fashion trends. I’m here to help all of us out!